Android Sensors APK

Monitor and record all your device’s sensors from a single screen.Sensors include:
* GPS (latitude, longitude, speed, accuracy, available satellites, connected satellites)
* Accelerometer (x, y and z axis)
* Gyroscope (x, y and z axis)
* Compass (azimuth)
* Sound level (dB)
* Light meter (lux)
* Magnetometer (x, y and z axis)
* CPU usage (system user, iow, irq)
* Humidity
* Pressure (hPa)
* Memory usage
* Battery temperature, current and level
* Step counter
* Network usage and strength
* Proximity meter

SensorLab can record data from all the above sensors in the background for sharing (in .csv format) or playback within the app.

What’s New

Fix crash on certain phones.

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Android Sensors
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