Android Device Manager APK

Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device—and the data inside it—safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you:. Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
. Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
. Erase all data on the phone

Tough situations and bad luck can strike anyone at any time. And when that happens, then what matters the most is how an individual reacts to the situation and the steps which one takes to remedy that bad scenario. Losing your smartphone device is one such situation which no one would want to willingly face. When you lose your phone, you do not just have to worry about all the money which you spent on the smartphone but you further have worse things to worry about. And that is all the data which you have stored in your smartphone. With the help of Android Device Manager APK, you can deal with this tough situation within a few minutes. There are a few steps which we advise you to follow when you lose your smartphone. And those steps are mentioned below.

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  • Try to Locate Your Device


The first thing which you should do is to locate your device. And by this, we don’t mean that you should frantically search for your smartphone but instead, you should take advantage of the ‘Locate Android Device’ option in this application. That option will allow you to ring your smartphone at full volume. With the help of this, you can easily track where your device is.


  • Reset the Main Password or PIN


If you are still unable to locate where your device is then you should quickly reset the passwords of your device remotely. This will give you a few extra minutes to delete the data in your phone.


  • Delete All the Data


The last resort for you is to delete all the data in your phone. This will make sure that you do not lose your important information like your bank details, intimate photographs, or anything equally valuable.

Take the first step towards preparedness now by installing the Android Device Manager APK.

Size : 1.7M
Current Version : 1.0.2
Requires Android : 2.3 and up



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