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After using Android phone for weeks, phone system will accumulates residual files which could take up to hundreds of mega bytes. These files include usage history and cache which would stay in your phone forever and keep eating precious memory if you ignore them. What’s even worse, your privacy information (like search history) might be exposed as well. Besides, you might also experience slow response or even freezing from your phone after opening many apps and don’t know what to do except long time reboot. How frustrating it is! Android Clean Master tells you that usage history, cache files, unwanted running tasks are the primary suspects of your dead phone. What you need is a history, cache and tasks cleaner or eraser app which could get job done.

There are some memory, history and cache cleaner or eraser apps out there in the Play Market but Android Clean Master should be your first choice tool. After installing Android Clean Master, you actually installed all the clean and erase apps in the market including Cache Cleaner, Memory Cleaner, History Eraser, SMS Cleaner, Task Cleaner, Call Log Cleaner, etc.. Why install so many apps to waste phone memory rather than just install one app with all the clean and erase features? This fancy app not just combines all the erase and clean features in a single app to remove the rubbish content of your Android phone, but also monitors system resources usage and offers you the best UI to delete unwanted sms/mms and call log according to your selection.

Fancy app features include:
1. Clean app cache (cache cleaner).
2. Clean app memory (memory cleaner). Kill unwanted running apps in background.
3. Group messages (SMS & MMS) and clean selected.
4. Group call log and clean selected.
5. Clean multiple history (history eraser) record in 2.3 (Gingerbread). 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above OS are also supported.
6. Monitor CPU, RAM, ROM and SD usage in real time.
7. Browse detailed hardware and OS information.
8. Adware scan for 4 most popular mobile ad networks.
9. App batch uninstall.
Support Languages: English, Simplified Chinese.

Size : 1.9M
Current Version : 2.0.4
Requires Android : 2.3 and up



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