AndExplorer APK


AndExplorer is a file manager for Android devices. It allows browsing files and folders stored on device and sdcard. It can sort by name, size and date. Copy/Paste, rename, delete, create folder, send files as email attachment features are available. It is able to uncompress ZIP, GZIP and TAR files too. It can be called from another application through Intent facilities (open file/folder, uncompress).


  • Do u have any file Explorer which could extract multiple archives together I been looking for one for a very long time

    • Make sure your downloaded file is .apk not .zip . Some browsers can’t download .apk file so they download as .zip . For that you have to rename the file extension from .zip to .apk other option can be the Change of browser, i mean use Firefox, Chrome, Default android browser or any modren browser to download the apps.

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