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Beautiful and yet powerful flashlight app for your phone! ++ Night-Vision ++ HD

***Trust Us. You will be fully satisfied! FREE***

[+] LED flashlight / torch
[+] Screen flashlight / torch
[+] Screen Lock
[+] Basic Night Vision + Compass
[+] Lockscreen Widget (Android 4.2+)
[+] Strobe Effect
[+] Emergency / Warning Strobe Lights ; Police, Ambulance, Fire & Construction vehicles.
[+] Brightest mode
[+] Disco Strobe effect
[+] Lighthouse effect
[+] Color-Transition effect
[+] Monochromatic & Colorful flashlight
[+] Stylish, Well-Designed, Easy-To-Use & Intuitive interface
[+] “Auto Turn On” + “Remember Last State” settings
[+] Supports “no camera” phones
[+] Supports swipe gestures
[+] High-Definition (HD) resolution

LED & Screen Flashlight :
Turns your device’s camera LED and display into a flashlight torch. LED flash light works in its brightest mode. Screen brightness and color can be tuned to any desired light intensity & shade.

Screen Lock :
Supports screen and keys locking in order to prevent any unwanted presses. This capability lets the user move freely while the flashlight is continuously operating.

Basic Night Vision :
Improves your ability to see in low light conditions. Turn your device into a basic night vision equipment. The app utilizes smart algorithm that extract the best available image from your device’s camera when the ambient lighting is low. Please note that night vision quality depends on the phone’s camera sensor sensitivity. This is especially helpful for people with night blindness (Nyctalopia).

Emergency / Warning Strobe Lights :
Displays an animated warning strobe lights of emergency vehicles: police, ambulance, fire vehicle and construction machines. This effect is essential for pedestrians and riders to alert drivers and avoid accidents.

Disco Strobe Effect :
Produces a disco strobe effect using the camera’s LED flash. This effect is usually used in dance clubs, scientific and industrial applications, to give an illusion of slow motion.

Widgets :
Include brilliant light toggling widget that can be located on Lockscreen (Android 4.2+) & Homescreen. Widget is compatible with Nexus phones, such as Nexus 4.

We hope you will find it useful,
– Loomatix Team.
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[ Disclaimers, Warnings and Notices ] . The LED flashlight is very strong and may harm the eye. NEVER stare directly into an LED flashlight and NEVER direct the light to other people’s eyes.
. Some individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. If you, or anyone around you, have an epileptic condition, or experience any of the following symptoms while using the app — dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions — IMMEDIATELY discontinue use.
. Don’t use the app near infants. Small children are not allowed to use this app due to the above risks. Under no circumstances should you let small children to play with this app. You must ensure ans instruct children.
. Loomatix Ltd is not liable or responsible for any damages or injuries which may arise from using the application.

Current Version : 1.07
Size : 3.3M



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