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Al Mosally to help you and your loved ones to perfect your worship to Allah Almighty. It has a lot of new features.
It supports the Turkish language completely.
It supports the German language completely (only for Android).
Turkish, German and English translations of the morning and evening and Salah remembrance (Azkar).
Audio translation of the Turkish and German letters of the morning and evening and Salah remembrance (Azkar).
We present to you the visual Qiblah which shows the direction of the Qiblah on the map, in addition to specifying the distance to al-Masjid al-Haram, settings of the compass and the horizontal position of the mobile phone which gives the most accurate direction towards the Qiblah.
Automatic detection of the location, the worshipper can know his location exactly and set the prayer times according to the new location automatically.
Correcting the prayer times in many countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, France, USA, Sweden and other countries.
Adding several ways of calculating prayer times.
Adding many distinguished beautiful Adhan voices.
Adding the prayer notification, 'Asalatu Khayrun men al………..

What’s New

Moves easily between the countries of the world without changing the summer time. Prayer times are automatically corrected
Change the Hijri calendar and Georgian calendar to become more beautiful and distinctive
Timely adjustment of the state of Sudan
Developed the window of dawn prayer to function correctly
Download Mosally Quran with ease
In an aesthetic and distinct form, the current prayer appears in the prayer times in a color different from the rest of the prayers

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Additional information

المصلي الآذان والقبلة و الصامت
47.87 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
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Madar Software


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