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All tools is an utility app which consist of different and individual tools like,,

1. Walkie Talkie : Connect 4 Devices and talk using only Wifi.

2. Music Group: play music in 4 devices simultaneously.

3. CCTV : Security system Camera feed from one phone will be displayed in another connected Device.

4. Bar-code and QR-code reader : using camera detects.

5. Torch : On and Off your flash and Screen.

6. Compass : Shows Directions like, NORTH, SOUTH, EAST , WEST.

7. Clipboard : To save all types of TEXT files and to Copy and Pasting.

8. Mirror : Opens front Camera and Takes Pictures with using SCREEN as Flash.

9. Speedometer : Measures Speed using GPS and shows in Analog and Digital fashion.

10. Leveler : Spirit Level or Bubble level which Measures Horizontal Surface.

11. Converter : it Converts Units of Measures like, Length, Volume, Force ,Mass, etc…

12. Metal Detector : Detects Metals very accurately using Two, Analog and Digital Meters by Algorithms.

13. Recorder : Simple Recorder which Records Audios in 3gp formats.

14. Stop Watch : Note Time, with milli seconds Accuracy.

15. Brightness : This is a simple Luminosity meter , which Detects Intensity of Light.

16. Temperature : Measures Atmospheric Temperature in `c using yours Device sensor.

17. Pressure : Measures Atmospheric Pressure in ' KN/sq.m ' using Sensor.

18. Length (Height) : Measures Height in 'm' and 'ft' by Camera and fine Algorithm.

19. Humidity : It gives % of Humidity present in Atmosphere.

20. Protractor : Shows you Angle by two Methods by Digital (Camera with Indicating Disk) and Analog (Device itself is Tilted).

21. Sound Intensity : Sound Pressure level is Measured using Devices Microphone.

22. Altitude : Shows you Altitude in 'm' from Sea level.

23. Emf : emf Present in Atmosphere is Shown in v/m and other units.

24. Blank Cam : Takes Pictures with out a preview for instant and faster shots.

25. Heart Rate : Measures Heart Rate in 'BPM' using Sensor present in your back of the Device(near flash) and if there is no Heart Rate Sensor then by using complex Algorithm,BPM is determined by color change in the camera when blood flows in the finger.

26. G – Meter : Displays G-force Induced in the Device.

27. My Location : Shows Latitude and Longitude using GPS of your current Location, and shows Address if Available.

28. Ruler : Unit of Measurement for Length.

29. Counter : Simple Counter which counts things when Clicked.

30. Scribbler : You can use this tool for Drawing and Painting with Multiple Sizes and Colors .

31. Color Detector : Detects Color at the center of the Screen and show Hexadecimal code.

32. rpm : Measures revolution per minute using sensor at the front of the Device.

33. Step Counter : Calculates the steps taken by you,while you are Walking,if there is no step detector Sensor in Device then complex Algorithm uses your basic accelerometer sensor to determine the steps.

34. Horizontal Length : here you can measure horizontal length up to 9 ft or 3 m accurately.

35. Seismometer : Measures the vibration and a Graph is Plotted.

36. Mike : instantaneous voice to Speakers.

37. Magnifier : fast Camera Zoom.

38. Battery info : gives Battery information.

39. Internet Speed.

40. Speed : find speed of moving Object.

41. WiFi Calls : make calls using only WiFi.

42. Sound generator : Generates sound in Hz.

43. Random digit : Numbers are randomly generated.

44. Text to Speech : Write a text and it reads.

45. Motion Cam : Detects any movements from back cam and takes pictures.

46. Controller : control other devices cam, torch, mic, sensors and speakers.

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by ATEU Team.

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