Alive Video Wallpaper HD APK

Alive Video Wallpaper HD

Over 200 free HD video live wallpapers that are battery and CPU / GPU friendly. Perfectly looping scenes include stunning waterfalls, paradise beaches, soothing forests, mountains, landscapes, city scenes, NASA space footage, cute animals, cool graphics, lightning storms, nature scenes and more.

*Automatically shuffle feature changes the wallpaper outside the app, even offline.
*Free users can access any content and keep videos for as long as they like.
*Advertising is minimal, we do not share or sell your data.
*In-app purchase helps our team produce more great scenes and unlocks an offline mode.

What’s New

– Shuffle settings is now working
– Shuffle added for favourite videos

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Additional information

Alive Video Wallpaper HD
22.15 MB
500,000+ downloads
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Bonne App!

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