Alarm and pill reminder APK

Application for simple or complex alarmsAlarm and pill reminder Key Features:


Pill Reminder

General Reminders

Speak the title

Types of repetitions: Hour, Day, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

With annotations

Automatic colors, Red next execution still today, Yellow next execution tomorrow, Green next execution the day after tomorrow.

It allows to put multiple executions for the same alarm, thus ensuring a great versatility in the repetition settings, it is possible for example to set for the alarm to run on certain days every month, or to repeat daily at non-synchronized times (after meals for example)

Sleep time (a period where alarms don’t ring only show the notifications)

You can remove the advertisements for a fair price.

What’s New

-> Correction so that if an external sound is set the app requests the necessary permission correctly.

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Alarm and pill reminder
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