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Al athan is a Very precise application to detect prayer times by user location
al athan : Prayer times is adan salat very precise athan application that detect user location and give the Prayer Times based on it
it very usefull and descent
we made it to every muslim on the world to help them on daily prayers,compass
also application have much more options for every muslim beside athan
it contains Qibla, compass,direction of qibla , tafssir ahlam , you can send congratulation cards of eid
also theres al musabiha help you to remember allah in every moment and more
al athan is very precise and you can use it without internet to detect your location because it contain three methode of calculation of prayr times whitch is based on the GSM network and wifi detection by internet or GPS activated
also al athan contain some other unique option like select your favorite athan voice notifier and you can activate athan befor the prayer time in 10 min
you can also activate adan even if the phone in silence mode
there is calender for prayer times based on your location
Display of 99 names of Allah with everyone meaningprayer times,athan,salaat first ,salat,saalat, Horaires de prières et l’adhan,priere

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Al Athan : Prayer Times
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