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Agent - five apps in one-1 Agent - five apps in one-2

Agent is a collection of five apps in one that make your phone smarter.
These apps run in the background to automatically:
1) Save your battery
2) Silence your phone during meetings
3) Remember where you’ve parked
4) Auto-respond when you’re driving
5) Allow only urgent calls and messages through when you’re sleeping

Drive Agent is triggered by bluetooth and motion sensing (activity detection). It can be configured to:
– Silence your phone
– Read SMS messages aloud
– Auto respond to texters and callers to let them know you’re driving (editable message)
– Only respond to your own hand-picked list
– Reply to those not in your contact list
Battery Agent is set to trigger at any percentage you choose. It helps conserve battery by giving you the option to:
– Turn off bluetooth
– Dim your screen
– Only start when screen is off
– Pause autosync [note: this will NOT prevent you from getting texts and calls. It simply stop your apps from updating in the background] – Revert back to normal settings when your battery level goes over that trigger initial percentage
Parking Agent remembers where you parked:
– It uses activity detection and/or a bluetooth connection to determine when you’re driving
– Pinpoints where you park on a map inside the app
– Links to your designated map to direct you to your vehicle
– Will remember your last five parking spots
Meeting Agent syncs with your calendar to silence/ put your phone on vibrate when you don’t want to be disturbed:
– Can be configured to activate for busy events only
– Gives you the ability to specify your working week so that it only syncs with your calendar on days and times you prefer
– Works with shared calendars
– Auto responds to selected contacts during these “busy” events
Sleep Agent will silence your phone automatically when you go to sleep. You can configure the following:
– Sleeping times
– Days that this agent will activate
– Minutes of inactivity before activating
– Auto response to selected callers and texters during your sleeping hours
– List of contacts that can wake you
– Bluetooth and autosync activation
[Agent is compatible with GO SMS Pro, Textra and Handcent] App Permissions Explanation:
– Send SMS: We use this when auto-responding to texts whilst you are driving (if selected), or when you are sleeping for emergencies.
– Read SMS: When driving Agent will read out your text messages to you to prevent distraction. We don’t know the contents of any messages.
– Read Contacts: This is so that the app can determine whether a contact is in your address book or not (an option for who is allowed to contact you when busy)
– Precise Location: Parking Agent requires this to store your parking location.

Size : 2.4M
Current Version : 1.2.3
Requires Android : 4.0 and up


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