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LogoLicious: The quick and easy mobile solution to add your own logo, watermark, and text to your images. Apply your branding on the fly. It’s the perfect tool to promote and protect your pictures. Designed for all small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, photographers, tattoo artists, social media managers and influencers: Add any logo or watermark straight from your phone to the app and post your images on the go!
– No loss of quality – No annoying ads – No placement limitations – Just drag ‘n drop – Transparency (watermark) functionality – Add logo(s) – add text – Easy interface – Great user experience – Super Fast – Completely free. Hustle without the hassle!Simply load it, drag it, and drop it on top: This app is made by creatives, for creatives:
No fuss, no muss. Especially designed for the ‘quick let me post this’ situations, LogoLicious is the #1 branding and watermark app if you want to customize your photos on the fly. Add your own logo (png/gif/jpg), hashtag or handle to your images in a matter of seconds.

LogoLicious is simply the easiest and quickest way to add your own logo and/or watermark to your images. It’s efficient, user-friendly, fast and simple; Once you’ve loaded your logo it’s just a matter of positioning: Drag & drop wherever you want. You can add your handle or url, rotate items and change transparency. We also build in a template function so you can save your previous setup as a template to speed up your process the next time!

Primary features
– Upload your own logo to the app (no size restrictions)
– Supports .png .gif and .jpg (logo)files
– Taking pictures with camera
– No resolution downgrade! LogoLicious matches your logo to the resolution of your photo
– Cropping your images
– Quick sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.
– ‘Open with LogoLicious’ function in every gallery
– Add your text, change color
– Choose/Select a font (different styles, including live preview)
Create templates! Save your previous setup (logo + text) as template for future images
– Change the transparency of your logo
– Change transparency of your added text
Rename your image
– Add multiple logos
– Save multiple logos
– Logo on tap! Easy acces to your uploaded logos
– Level your logo or text to horizon (0º )
– Rotate your logo or text 90º
Save as high resolution .png; high quality .jpg or opt for a low quality .jpg

Useful tips:
• Before you start, make sure your logo is on your device
(TIP: email it to yourself and save to your device or download it from a cloud service)
• Placing your logo: Simply drag it where you like it, scale it up or down with a 2 finger zoom motion
• Satisfied with your logo-layout? Hit the ‘Save current as template’ button > Next time you use the LogoLicious app, no need to add your logo first, just load your previous template with one click(!) #hasslefree!
• To rotate your logo use 2 fingers or hit the rotate button. (To undo rotation: hit the 0º button!)
• Go to LogoLicious direct from Gallery or another app, use Send or Share command and select ‘LogoLicious’.
Just hit the SHARE button in the LogoLicious app. (The related app must be already installed on the device.)
• Remove your (just added) logo or text from the photo by double tapping the trash bin
• Use the slider at the bottom to change the opacity (transparency) of your logo or text

Credit where credit is due! Protect your copyright by adding your own logo to your images.
Brand your images before sharing them online & get recognized!
Visit our website for more information: and
Find us on Instagram via @thelaughingdutchmen #LogoLicious

What’s New

We resolved quality issues, fixed bugs and added features:
SAVING OPTIONS: Choose to save your image as High Resolution .PNG, High quality .JPG or Low quality .JPG!
RENAME FILES: You can add your own filename to your images
NAVIGATION: Small interface overhaul; We shifted things around to improve usability to make navigating easier
SETTINGS: The Logolicious logo on top right now doubles as ’settings button’
CROPPING: We added rotating ratios to help your cropping
FONTS: We added extra typefaces

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Add logo or watermark to photo
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