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Active Lockscreen

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Active lockscreen brings together fast access to your favorite apps and full personalization features for your Android phone.
Your favorite apps, your latest contacts, your photo gallery, are available within just one click.
Active comes with hundreds of themes and appetizers available to download that let you flip through your social and news feeds directly on your home screen.
After installing, you can use one swipe on your new lock screen to:
•    Call your favorite numbers, recent contacts or open the phone’s dialer
•    View and access your personalized photo gallery
•    Launch recently used apps or predefined apps
•    Stream social media updates on your locked screen
•    Send text messages or communicate through Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Email and Gmail
•    Launch your camera or any picture related apps such as Instagram, Mobli and more
•    Read personalized content that are streamed with a preview

Current Version :
Size : 3.2M



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