7 Cool Skype tricks Tutorial

1.) Skype As RC Security Camera

You can use your Skype account as the best security camera by configuring it to ever answer your incoming call. You will have 2 accounts for this plan.

First is, will receive the call and the different one will call. And one more important thing you should not use your own account as the receiver of the call as other people might also call and easily end up accessing your set up the best security camera.

You simply have to open Skype on your home computer and set the webcam in the direction you want to watch. And after that easily set up automatic call answering on the receiver account.

2.) Use Skype Wi-Fi

You can use a hotspot using Skype great Wi-Fi application and your Skype credit will be simply used for internet access.

Skype claims about having access to over 2 million best Wi-Fi hotspots. So you can easily download the all app from both iOS and Android, and easily and quickly search for the supported hotspot closest to you.

3.) Get a Skype Caller ID

If you want to call landline numbers or all mobile numbers, fixing up Skype caller ID is really important.

4.) Hide Your Typing Status

You have to know that when you are typing a message to send to someone, so the status of typing is visible to that person. He/she can clearly see a moving pencil and text “(Your Name) is typing”.

5.) Hide Typing Indicator (Pencil Mark)

If you don’t want other people to know what you are typing, so you can easily turn off the typing indicator (pencil mark).

For this:-

Just click on “Tools” in the top menu and from there simply click on “Options”.

Now, click on “IM & SMS” and then click on the below option that is “IM Settings”.

And then from the right panel, just click on “Show advanced options” and then uncheck the option “Show when I am typing” to disable this feature

Though it is a great feature, you may want to stop showing this notification to people you chat/communicate. So Skype enables you to do it.

6.) Multiple Chat Windows

If you have multiple people to chat/communicate at the same time, you may find it irritating or disturbing to click to their names from the left column every time.

So you have to keep switching to show their chat which may disturb or irritate you. No worry about it! Skype has a great solution for it that you apparently don’t know.

  1. Use Skype Chat Commands

There are many special chat commands that you can use to improve Skype experience and save some time. For example you can remove a member from the chat by typing “/kick [Name of the person you want to remove]”.

You can get all of these commands from Skype’s official website or from the app store and use them in your chat box.

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