6 ways on how to get Free Instagram users

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hello youtubers and welcome to another

video of 2019 now today we’re gonna look

at six ways on how to increase your

Instagram followers now I’ve got six

steps on how you can turn your Instagram

from a zero following to practically

having a decent following fanbase to

start with so let’s get straight into it

now the first step is to connect your

Instagram account to other social media

accounts so basically what that means is

to connect your Instagram to like

Facebook or snapchat or even Twitter so

it basically tells them that you are

active on Instagram and this allows you

to bring those type of people to your

Instagram page and then you can start

increasing your following from there

especially if you are someone that wants

to start a business this is actually a

good way to start gaining some customers

to view your Instagram page and becoming

potential customers and start to

purchase your products so the next step

is to keep an eye out for what works so

it’s really important to keep up to date

with what is trending now in the social

media market for example if there’s a

meme going on around social media that

could be an opportunity for you to start

exposing your profile using that type of

meme instead of using a meme that has

already been used and has died down over

time people won’t really be interested

so it’s really important to keep an eye

out for what people are interested in to

keep them engaged in your profile or

your business if you’re starting up a

business now the third step is to use

popular hashtags and keywords so what

hashtags basically is is certain words

that people search on the media so for

example if you go on Instagram and go to

the search bar and you type in a

particular name or a subject there’ll be

a lot of relevant posts

relate to that search and by using

hashtags it will drive more people to

reach your profile using these hashtags

and keywords so it’s really important to

keep in mind what people are searching

now and it actually relates back to the

second one which is to keep an eye out

for the trend so what are people

searching online and what people want to

see so it’s really important to give
your customers what they want and what
they are looking for now the fourth step
is to follow people or to like their
photos that could be one way to to start
getting an interest for certain people

but I also have another tactic that you

can try and experiment as well what you

could do you can start following people

based on a particular celebrity or a

brand and once they have followed you


you can unfollow them and continue that

same procedure again and again but

Instagram has a limit on how much people

you can follow per hour so that is 160

people per hour so if you follow more

than that then your account could

potentially be blocked for either a week

or a month depending on how their

procedures work so it’s really important

to keep in mind that you are below the

maximum people you are allowed to follow

per hour and per day now the fifth step

is to offer discounts if you are

starting a business online it’s always

important to include discounts because

what discounts does it attract people

into buying your products that is at a

discounted price which is cheaper than

its original price which can actually

build the awareness of your brand

according to the discounts that you

offer so it’s really important to keep

in mind that you sell items that attract

customers to your page not only to

follow you but to also start generating

some sales and

you know former business out of that now

the last step of increasing your

Instagram following is to use popular

filters now filters is just a visual

thing and it changes your posts for the

better in some moments it can be

beneficial other moments it’s not really

necessary but with filters it sets a

mood on people and you know what you

want them to feel so for example if I

was to post something sad on my

Instagram page instead of keeping it

plain I would probably add a white and

black filter just to create that mood

and have people relate to me you know

which can also increase the interest of

people so it’s so important not only for

what you’re selling but can people

relate to you hope you enjoyed this

video of six ways to increase your

Instagram following if you liked this

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