4 GB RAM Memory Booster APK

There is one question comes to our mind that is there any need of RAM Booster in high-end devices?. We say definitely yes, as we know that any such high-end devices with huge RAM is enough to handle all types of multitasking. But not all apps on play store are developed very well! Sometime they make your phone sluggish and your big memory phone works like a low RAM device.

Our RAM booster app makes your phone faster, smoother and always keep at full speed. This app provide you one tap boosting solution. It kills all background & memory draining apps in a single tap. So it improves your system and battery performance.

Extend battery life and improves performance of your phone battery by killing all battery draining app. That makes your battery last longer! Add few more hours to your phone battery life.

Improves your gaming experience by boosting games up to 30% or even more. Now play games faster & smoother. Use this booster app just before playing any game.

Many apps and games may consume your precise memory storage. App cache cleaner feature clean all cache stored into your device, increases the available storage space and boosts your device speed.

This app is small, simple and less complex that effectively works on your high-end to low memory devices.

What’s New

Libraries updated
Infinite looping resolved in cache cleaner
Facebook ads optimized

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4 GB RAM Memory Booster
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