3x Battery Saver – iBattery APK

3x Battery Saver – iBattery

3x battery saver - iBattery-1 3x battery saver - iBattery-2

“iBattery” is a App of charge saving which is most powerful and easy and simple!
This App saves the battery by disconnecting an Internet connection during sleep of the screen.
Evaluation of this App of Japan is higher than “JuiceDefender”.
During sleep of the screen, it not only disconnects an Internet connection, but also ends all the running Apps.
Furthermore,If it becomes the amount of charge which you set, it will become flight mode automatically.
That is, the danger that charge will be lost becomes very low.
(Sorry if your OS is over “4.1”,it is impossible)
– the experiment of a power-saving result was conducted by GARAXY S3.
(Saving effect of charge is more demonstrated under environment with an unstable Internet connectivity)
– Cautions etc
– “iBattery” disconnects a internet connection during sleep of the screen.
– Change of ON-OFF can be performed in a notifications area.
– Speed of re-connection is depending on your device.
– Internet connection may not be re-connected automatically after screen-on.
It depends on a device or a OS.
sorry we cannot correct.
– There is also no advertisement.

Size : 501k
Current Version : 2.0
Requires Android : 2.1 and up



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