3G WiFi Connection Mode APK

3G WiFi Connection Mode-1 3G WiFi Connection Mode-2

IMPORTANT: this is a widget, not an application. This means that you have to install it on the desktop as a widget. It’s completely normal that in the settings page there is only a set of options.
Simple widget that toggles 4 different connection statuses on each click:
1. 3G enabled
2. WiFi enabled
3. 3G & WiFi enabled
4. 3G & WiFi disabled
From settings page is possible to disable statuses that are not useful.
Is also possible to choose icon color.
I wrote this widget for myself cause I needed it, now I’m sharing it for free.
WHAT CAN BE USEFUL FOR (and not only)
If you are at home/office and you have wifi signal that often disconnects, by setting “WiFi ONLY” mode you prevent 3G connection to switch on each time wifi is lost.
If you use “WiFi ONLY” at home/office and 3G outside, you will switch in one click to “3G ONLY” mode instead of reactivating data connection and disabling wifi in a sequence of operations.
For any suggestion (like using a different icon) or discussion you can refer to this thread of XDA developers forum:
On Samsung Galaxy S2 (but probably also on other devices) the first time the widget is added to the desktop the phone frozes a while and an error is reported; just press home button and try to install a second time.
To disable 3G conection I don’t use the tricks of modify APN or start Data Settings page, therefore is possible that in some devices/firmware versions the widget is not able to toggle data connection on/off. Sorry for that but I do not intend to cover that cases.
What I know for sure is that generally works on 2.3.x devices, while don’t works 2.2.x and previuos ones. Please report running and not running conditions.

Size : 97k
Current Version : 1.5
Requires Android : 2.2 and up


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