3CX DroidDesktop APK

3CX DroidDesktop-1

Simple and powerful web desktop enables you remotely manage & control your Android device from a web browser over any WiFi/4G/3G/2G/USB connection.
# Why Remote Web Desktop
1. Comfortable: wirelessly manage your phone by keyboard and mouse.
2. Wireless: full support of WiFi/4G/3G/2G connections with an embedded network bridge, even if your mobile carrier doesn’t provide a public IP to you.
3. Pure web: doesn’t need any client on your computer side.
4. USB support: provides usb connection tools for MAC/Linux/Windows.
# Features
* Desktop SMS – Send, read, forward and delete SMS messages. Support long SMS, group messages and fake SMS. Partial support sending MMS.
* File Explorer – Manage all files (photo, music, videos, APK …) on SD card, transfer files & folders between phone and computer. Supports multiple upload by drag-and-drop (for HTML 5 browser).
* Gallery Viewer – Preview and slide show phone photos.
* Media Player – Enable you play video/audio on phone side or web desktop side.
* FTP Server – Sync files and folders between phone and computer quickly, manage SD card files in Windows File Explorer, browser or FTP client.
* WiFi Keyboard – Type on your phone using your computer’s keyboard.
* Webcam (2.2+) – Turns your phone into a wireless camera, supports both front face and back camera.
* Screen Capture – Take the screen shot and view it in web browser, easier than do it on phone side. Works for both rooted or non-rooted devices.
* Contact Manager (2.0+) – Group, search, create, delete, edit contacts and call log.
* Remote Call – Make a call from your computer.
* Shared Clipboard – Share clipboard text between PC and phone.
* Wallpaper Utils – Set phone wallpaper by uploading a picture or online picture.
* APK Web Installer – Backup apps to SD card, and install APK through the File Explorer.
* Personal Web Server – Serve your personal web pages on your phone.
* Logcat – View android logs in web browser, a useful tool for Android developers.
* Terminal Emulator – Remotely access Android’s built-in Linux command line shell through web browser.
* Notes Editor – Create and edit text file on your SD card, you can make a note shortcut on phone screen for it.
* SSL HTTP – Provides 512, 1024 bits RSA encrypt.
* Network Bridge – Supports all internet connections (2G/3G/4G/WiFi), even if you don’t have a public IP, you still can access your phone at any place.
* Remote Control (Rooted) – Remotely control your Android within your computer. Including mouse & keyboard emulation.
3CX DroidDesktop is provided free of charge, but without technical support.



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