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-What is ‘2nd HOME’.
Anytime, anywhere and any situation, you can start up your favorite apps at once!
It’s so new! So easy and amazing!
No need to return to Home view every time you change apps.
That’s not all! The tools you always use will be conveniently together which used to be separate apps.
will meet your needs and relive your stress such as;
– I want to organize the home view.
With 2nd HOME, you can organize your home view
– I want to see what day it is today.
With 2nd HOME you can see it so easy
– I want to check the time while watching YouTube.
With 2nd HOME, you can do it
– When I play a game, I worry about the battery power.
you can check the battery power while playing
– My mobile phone is so slow.
2nd HOME can make it fast and smooth. All you need is just click the button
– I want to adjust the brightness of the display while watching Hulu.
2nd HOME can change the brightness while you watch Hulu!

-App Lock
Lock apps with a passcode when starting up.
Best for mail or SNS to protect your privacy.
-Registration and start up your favorite apps.
It’s launcher function.
-Memory cleaner
Clear memory to speed up your device response.
-Adjustment of display brightness
Adjust the brightness 1-5 levels.
.LED Light
.Bluetooth On/Off
.Wi-Fi On/Off
.Rotation of the view On/Off
.Switching mute/vibration

Q: Can I move the grip?
A: Yes, you can. Keep touching the grip and slide it to where you want without opening the window.
Q: It’s too dark to see the grip…
A: You can change the setting of grip to a lighter color.
Q: I cannot see the grip.
A: Check if the 2nd HOME icon is displayed at the status bar. If not, click the app icon and start up. If it is displayed, check the settings and see if “Use of Menu Grip” is OFF. It should be ON.
Q: Once unlock with App Lock, I cannot lock it again.
A: It will not lock again until the next screen off so you don’t have to enter the passcode so often.
Q: How can I change the background of App Lock?
A: It uses the wall paper of HOME window. Therefore if you want to change it, change the wall paper of your phone. Live wall papers are not shown in the background. In this case, first set another wall paper and after displaying lock window, set the live wall paper again.
Q: Is a version without ads available?
A: The pay version without ads is under consideration.
Q: Why does the icon of big light appear?
A: To prevent forgetting turn off the light, the icon appears while the LED light is on. You can turn it off by tapping the icon.
Q: What is the battery meter?
A: It is a function to display the battery power level with a bar in a corner. It also appears when other apps are working.

Size : 2.1M
Current Version :
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



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