2G,3G Data Traffic Counter APK

2G,3G Data Traffic Counter-2 2G,3G Data Traffic Counter-1

2G,3G,4G,CDMA switch & network monitor & data traffic counter with graphs and statistics
* Basic features
• widget shortcut (blame google for that) – toggle/switch network mode (2G/3G/4G/CDMA)
• widget switch – enable/disable mobile data, sync, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi tether/hotspot
• shows current network status in many ways
• network monitor / data traffic counter for applications , mobile data, Wi-Fi
• graphs and statistics for mobile data and Wi-Fi
• graphs and statistics for network usage
• notification when signal is lost
• notification for mobile data limit
• 5 color schemes
• no advertisement

* Premium features
• network monitor / data traffic counter shows mobile technology used for data transfer
• unlimited network monitor / data traffic counter for applications, mobile data, W-Fi
• advanced graphs and statistics for mobile data and Wi-Fi
• widget 2×1 for counter traffic

* Application detect following networks
HSPAP is considered as 4G, because it allows similar speed as LTE. If you think it is not right, please send me email with explanation.

* Important
You must run once after installation the application, otherwise Widgets will not work! Also if you use Task Killer, put this app to ignore list! If you don´t need any statistic, you can disable it in Preferences.
This application doesn´t drain battery. Don´t say it, if you can´t prove it. If you wish to check it by yourself, use applications for it. Please always keep application updated to avoid any problems.

*Help improve application
. If you wish to make this application better:
– let me know how do you think I can do it instead negative rating without explanation
– share with your friends
– help me to translate text to your language or correct localization
– buy premium

* How to renewal license
Renewal is required only when you install application on new device or reinstall on any device.
• functional internet
• activated synchronization account under which the application was purchased
• turn on the application and the license will be retrieved from the Google servers

* More information

*Widget switch – enable/disable Wi-Fi tether/hotspot by one click!
This function is not supported on many devices, but it should work on many of them. Please don´t rate this application badly, if it is not working for you. There can be a lot of reasons, why this is not working (your operator doesn’t support Wi-Fi tethering, it is blocked, your system had been modified by the manufacturer, etc.). I am trying to make it easier for you, but I can´t promise to you that it will work on all devices!

Size : 2.9M
Current Version : 2.4.6
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



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