24 Clock Widget APK

Everyday is a thrill ride.
Manage that ride with the 24 clock.
Day 2
A new Day for the stylish widget clock where every second counts.
First and only widget with live seconds accurately advancing on screen.
Everyday is a thrill ride.
Manage that ride with the 24 clock.
Jack your homescreen.
A stylish widget clock where every second counts.
The action never stops with hourly, 1/2 and 1/4 hour chimes. Full of options.
The following widget takes place on your desktop. Events occur in real time.
Day 2:
– New: Can be added as a lock screen widget on Android 4.2.
– New Fullscreen Mode.
– Added multiple size options to widget.
– Added more options for chime lengths.
– Added multiple size options for font.
– Works better in portrait and landscape mode.
– Added full support for tablets and large and small screen devices.
– Added higher quality sounds.
– Fixed HTC Sense bug that didn’t display seconds.

* Recognition
– Featured live at Google I/O 2011
– Droid Life – App of the Day
– The Droid Guy – App of the Week
– Featured Crave App
– Byte – App of the Week
– El Androide Libre Review
– Top Android Developer 2010 by Google
– Video Review by Android and Me
– Today Magazine’s App of the Week
– Android Guys/Gal Review
Why all the permissions?
– Internet is used for statistics — there’s an option to share stats if you want to.
– Read logs is for sending bug reports — we have our own bug reporting integrated in the app, it collects the app’s logs and generates an email that you can review before sending. We don’t collect other apps logs.
– Sdcard is used for sharing stats if you want to, e.g. save to sdcard and upload image to any social network you like (the app will auto-detect if you have some app like Google+ or FB installed and suggest that.)
– Read phone state is used to deactivate the chime sound during calls. The chime is an option of course, disabled by default.
– Retrieve running apps is used to only activate the widget when the home screen is visible. If another app is the main, the widget stops updating. Saves CPU/battery.

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