Android has stayed on top of the phone market because of its beautifully designed, yet easy-to-use features. Android phones can be operated and customized easily by everyone and anyone. When it comes to android home screen, there is no limit. You can change app icons; you can add clock, calendar, weather, and other widgets; you can run multiple apps at the same time and switch between apps when you feel like it.  What’s more? You can download, install, and use Android live wallpapers.

Here is a list of 15 live wallpapers to liven up your home screen. This list is not in order of least to best because when it comes to android, one can hardly ever have an application considered as the very best. This is because consumer tastes and preferences are usually widely different; however, this list showcases some of the best live wall papers for android that you will come across. It is the ultimate compilation of free live wallpapers for android.

A small caution, however: with live wallpapers running on your home screen, you will have to compromise battery longevity for the beauty and uniqueness these live wallpapers bring.

THUNDERSTORM FREE: If you are a fan of raging thunderstorms or any other forms of nature’s anger, this is just the right free live wallpaper for androids that will be a great fit. The free live wallpaper for Android APK is absolutely free—as its name shows. It can be downloaded and installed for your enjoyment on Google Play Store.

Panoramic Screen: Video editors won’t have a problem understanding what this wall paper does. It essentially pans any image you use as your home screen wall paper as you navigate your home screen. The Panoramic Screen gives you a panoramic view as you navigate on your Android phone.

Ocean: This one is for the romantic. Watch as the gentle waves of the ocean fill your home screen and a beautiful sunset that invites the dusk of your day. This amazing live wallpaper can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

Falling Leaves: Trees with falling leaves are set on a sunset and a floating cloud background. This live wallpaper is scenic, breathtaking, and exhilarating. This wallpaper can be downloaded on your Google Play Store as it is a free android wallpaper for all Android phones.

Forest World: For those who grew up with movies like Tarzan and Lion King, you will love the forest, and you will also love the Forest World Live Wallpaper. As you navigate your home screen, the live wallpaper navigates you through different parts of the forest. Download on your Play Store.

Forest HD: Forest HD gives you a scenic forest view with sunrays penetrating through the trees and give you an autumn feel. Other than the scenic forest view, the live wallpaper blesses your home screen with moving wildlife within the forest. Visit Play Store on your Android phone to download.  

Koi Free: Koi Free Android live wallpaper turns your home screen into a swimming pond filled with beautiful koi fishes. The live wallpaper can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store.

Galaxy S4 Drop: Galaxy S4 Drop simulates tiny raindrops on your home screen. Like most other wallpapers on this list, it is scenic and beautiful and can be downloaded on Google Play  Store.

Under The Sea: Set your imagination wild under water with this refreshing wallpaper. Under the Sea is an interactive wallpaper with marine life like seashells, starfish, and other ocean creatures. This wallpaper is colorful and a perfect fit for sea lovers.

Anipet Aquarium: With the Anipet Aquarium live wallpaper, you can turn your home screen into an aquarium with one hundred and eighty species of fish.

Planets n Stars: Free your starlight mind with these wall paper and watch planets and stars colorfully orbit your home screen.

Tiny Farm: This wallpaper fits perfectly for the playful at heart. Do you want to play even as you work on your android phone? If the answer is yes, then look no further than Tiny Farm, a game wallpaper that changes according to the time where you can feed animals and build your barn. The wallpaper is also a great feel for barn lovers.

Psychedelic Praire: Find yourself in a world where clouds move at a distant, fireflies light up the scene, and space conjures beautiful images. Reach beyond your limit with the Psychedelic Praire—one of my favorites. Download in Play Store.

Water Drop: Watch the ripple effect of water on your android phone as you navigate your home screen. The Water Drop wallpaper gives the aqua feel and can simulate your images as water backgrounds. It is a wallpaper of choice for the water lovers.

Nexus Revamp: This is the last on this list but certainly not the least and certainly as exciting as its predecessors. The Nexus Revamp is a line matrix of thin lights moving up and down your android phone and changing direction and color as you navigate your home screen.

In summary, android users have a range of preferences like color, animation, visuals and many more when it comes to selecting free live wallpapers. The fifteen live wallpapers on this list are the best and they give you a variety of themes ranging from forest to water to air to the galaxy to light. The list is a comprehensive compilation; therefore, you will surely get at least one live wallpaper in here that will fit your needs.   


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