Older generations of people remember mobile devices as a means of communication with a couple of features integrated into their devices, but for the past two decades, the development of technology has produced means to exchange graphics, text documents, video and almost every other multimedia content between two (or even more) smartphones with such ease that wireless technology is becoming a standard in all spheres of life, even double when it comes to android phones, all of this can be contributed to the amazing Bluetooth and let me say that Bluetooth apps are in no small demand even today.

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The creation of the Bluetooth radio module was marked by the possibility of a wireless connection between your android phones eliminating unsuitable cables from everyday use.

So, without further ado, we are going to present you with 15 bluetooth apps for your android phone that will prove useful in everyday life and work alike:


Bluetooth Files Transfer


The Bluetooth File Transfer application for Android is designed to transmit information amongst devices: through it, you are possible to send contacts one by one or several at once, in additives, the entire folder can be sent, which can not be done by the standard way.

Of the features of the application we also note the possibility of sending software that you already uploaded and even operate with ZIP archives, seek by attributes, and demonstrate thumbnails

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Bluetooth Headset Battery

Bluetooth Headset Battery Widget is a revolutionary new way to measure how much battery is left on you Bluetooth remote device. The battery widget works with all Bluetooth devices that can be paired with Android. You can use it with Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth headphones.
Your headset has no battery indicator? This can be fixed! Bluetooth Headset Battery Widget measures how long a Bluetooth device (e.g. a headset or headphones) has been connected. If you configure the maximum running time of the headset battery, the widget can tell you how much battery time your headset has left. You can also see how long your headset or headphone has been running without a recharge.

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Bluetooth Voice Recorder

Bluetooth Voice Recorder is an easy to use audio and voice recorder.
This app allows user to record audio with the microphone on your phone, as well as a microphone on wired or Bluetooth headset.Please note that Bluetooth Voice Recorder is not designed to record phone calls. If you’re looking for the perfect android bluetooth app for voice recording – look no further.

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DroidMote Client

DroidMote emulates real input devices in the Android, Windows and Linux OS. Mouse, keyboard, multi touch trackpad, touch screen and a gamepad with 16 buttons and 6 axis that also uses the accelerometer of your client device. You can use the soft gamepad or an hardware gamepad connected to the client to play with all games installed on server device, also those without the built-in controller support in virtue of the Gamepad2Touch functionality and the help of the touch profiles. Games that support a real gamepad recognize DroidMote as a real device.

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BlueFi Phone

Allows for full-duplex voice communication and chat accomplished over WiFi (connected to the same hot spot), a secure Bluetooth connection or WiFi Hotspot mode.

Now it also supports sending and receiving messages!

Perfect for close proximity communications, does not use your air time minutes.

WiFi users: Your wireless router has to support multicast packets. You will not be able to discover each other if it doesn’t. For example this app did not work with a Starbucks hot spot.

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Bluetooth Sender – Transfer & Share

The Bluetooth Sender is one of the most important tool and is like a Swiss Knife which you can easily share your Applications, Audio Files, Video Files, Pictures and all sort of files via Bluetooth. It also enables you to share System Application

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Bluetooth Settings Shortcut

A rather simple app for your android phone. It will provide a neat and easy to access shortcut for your bluetooth on your android phone.

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Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

The nifty little application Bluetooth Walkie Talkie is designed for voice/video communication via Bluetooth and WiFi Local Network, very simple, very fast and heavily recommended for your android phone.

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Bluetooth Chat

Bluetooth Chat, messenger to send short messages over short distances, communication doesn’t result in any charges, messages are sent directly between devices equipped with this software, range depends on the device and obstacles, perfect for office workers and the like.

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Bluetooth GPS Output

Transform your GPS enabled Android phone into a fully functional Bluetooth GPS NMEA SPP Slave for your laptop w/Bluetooth or other Bluetooth device. 10 min/run limit in free mode.
Tested to work with:
Garmin MobilePC
MS Streets & Trips
inSSIDer WiFi Scanner
and many more!

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Rainbow Contacts

Rainbow Contacts is a phone contacts transfer software that allows you fetch address book in another phone quickly and completely via Bluetooth.
Install Rainbow Contacts in a new Android phone, turn on the Bluetooth of your old phone, and then you can pull the whole contacts of old phone to your new phone.

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Super Bluetooth share assistant ShareIt can be used with any application on your android phne (including the application program and the system which has been installed onboard), Video, audio, pictures, word, Excel, PDF working documents, compressed package other file formats,  all easily to transferable to another android phone.

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Bluetooth Volume

This app adds a separate Bluetooth media music volume.
Launch Car Home when you connect to BT.
Adjusts the media volume when connected to Bluetooth. Restores volume on disconnect.
If you always adjusting the music volume after you pair with your car stereo  then this app is for you.

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Mobile Mouse Lite

Mobile Mouse Lite instantly transforms your Android device into an in air, wireless remote for your computer! Sit back and use this remote to surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch.


piHotKeys – Remote PC Control

This is a open source app to control your PC with Android’s touchscreen using hot keys. No more “Ctrl-C”, “Ctrl-Shift-Z” or tons of other shortcuts to remember — just touch the button on the screen.

Download: Android

And there you have it folks, 15 handpicked bluetooth apps for your android phone. I believe there is an app for everyone in this list, and if you by any chance haven’t found an app that suits the needs for your android phone, check out these android bluetooth apps you might find the one you are looking for, and if you didn’t chack android apps apk homepage.

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