1000 GB Cloud Memory Card APK

1000 GB Cloud Memory Card app is an app where you can have the privilege to insert any amount of
Zip files and etc ..
Also there is another secured folder a where you can store your personal data as well.
You can log in to this folder only using a password.
In any case if your loose your Phone or device your using currently it is possible to get all the data which you backed up earlier in this appand you data 100% secure. and many function have ..

Introduction following these steps
1. If you a new user first click sign up button and fill details correctly.
2. After going home page.can you select upload if you want category folder (ex:images)
3. Now click top right corner button upload after popup your gallery into to select if you upload files if OK running for progress bar if completed successful upload.
4. Now you can see upload file if you want to click the image view on full size and if you want to delete added delete button.
5. Our contact backup if you accept the permission we will auto synchronize our storage after if can restore or delete.

please review our data privacy for more info to your backup files.
thank you .
1000GB Memory card.

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Additional information

1000 GB Cloud Memory Card
7.30 MB
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Ccmax lanka

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