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No matter if you can only do 5 push-ups right now or 30, by just following this all-in-one program you will eventually be able to knockout 100 push-ups in a row! Push-ups are the perfect compound exercise for your upper body. Do you want to a fun challenge and get a better developed chest and shoulders? Then the 100 push-ups in 6 weeks program is for you! Didn’t make it to 100 just yet and need an extra week or 2? No problem, based on the periodical exhaustion tests, the app will measure you progress and re-schedule prior weeks if needed automatically! It’s like having your own personal fitness trainer to help you reach your goal.
The app guides you through every aspect of the program from start to finish.
– Automatically schedules your workout
– Get notified on workout days so you won’t forget a workout.
– Measures your progress and re-schedules previous workouts whenever necessary to continue making progress!

Size : 383k
Current Version : 1.0.9
Requires Android : 2.1 and up



  • It’s a great app. Using it for 3 weeks and it’s making a big difference in my daily work out. I am asking if u could lunch a 100 Chin-Up app as like this one . It would be a nice to have a Chin-Up work out app as well as this one..
    Thanks for this app though.. 🙂
    from Bangladesh.

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