With the invention of the internet came all of its misuses. Every day, people seek ways to better protect themselves while they move along with the never-ending technological advancements of devices, software, hardware, applications, among others. As people seek ways to protect their privacy—and peace, there are unscrupulous people who seek ways to break through all of the security protocols. Some of such people include telemarketers, stalkers, robo-callers, or scammers who are looking to trick you into divulging sensitive and personal information.

The good news is that there are tons of apps on the market that will give you knowledge—and sometimes detailed knowledge, of the identity of the person who is calling you or sending you a message. These apps do more than just identify your unknown numbers. They are capable of completely blocking callers you do not want from calling you. They can link a number to a name and also link a name to a number. Identity revelation of unknown numbers by these who’s calling me apps includes name, picture, home address, and age.

Here is a list of 10 who’s calling me free apps in the market. The list is done in no particular order; however, the list is a wide compilation of different apps and their basic features. You should be able to choose one app easily using this list.



Truecaller is truly a favorite. With a brand that has established itself for a variety of functions to include the ability to give out free numbers, Truecaller stands as a giant amongst smaller apps. It can let you identify unknown callers or messages from unknown numbers. It also has the capacity of blocking these numbers.


Block spam callers and telemarketers

Name search by number

Number search by name.  



Hiya might not be as popular as Truecaller but it performs almost the same functions as truecaller. Hiya is a white page caller identification app that lets you know who’s calling or texting. It can also help you block the unwanted numbers. It is a great tool against scammers, telemarketers and robo-callers.


Block spam callers and telemarketers

Database of hundreds of millions of numbers

Free and without ads



This app is another efficient app for identifying callers who are trying to hide their identities. The app has an impressive database of billions of numbers. It has the capacity of blocking unwanted numbers.


Blocks unwanted calls

Identifies callers and identities of people who send you messages with unknown numbers

Has a database of billions of numbers around the world

Identifies the location of caller; that is, identifies the caller in real time.



Whoscall is another great caller identification app in the market. With a database of over six hundred million numbers, you stand a good chance of knowing the identity of the unknown caller. The app helps you identify phone numbers of calls and text messages that are not on your contact list. With whoscall, you can block any numbers you do not want to get through to your phone.



Database of up to 600 million numbers

Blocking of unwanted spam, telemarketing callers

Identifies callers



Mr. Number, like its predecessors on this list identifies and block spam calls. It is a free downloadable app and works well for android. With Mr. Number, you can easily make a caller id, send the number of the spam into the system to warn other people, and block the number.


Caller ID


Database of millions of callers

Blocking of unwanted calls.



Showcaller shows the identity of the caller. It shows the name and picture of the unknown number calling you. With showcaller, you can block an unwanted caller and report the number so that other people will not get called by the same spam or telemarketing number.


Caller ID


Database of a billion numbers

Blocking of unwanted calls

Reporting of telemarketing or spammers.



Spyzie is a powerful caller id or caller tracking app. The app has a dashboard with a host of other functionalities asides caller id tracking.


Location target of an unknown number

Tracking of a stolen phone

Only paid version has full access to all the details

Blocking of unwanted number



Call blacklist performs the function its name specifies: it blacklist unwanted calls from your mobile device. The app is a free downloadable app that will help you block spammers and telemarketers from disturbing you.


Blacklisting unwanted numbers




CIA is a free caller ID app that will help you identify unknown numbers. With the CIA, you can easily block these numbers or blacklist them from calling you. Also, you can activate real-life identification where the app will show you the caller’s picture, name, business information, among other pieces of important information.


Caller ID

Blocking of unwanted calls

Real life tracking



Kiwisearch is a search app that you can use to track the owner of a phone number. The last on our list but absolutely not the least. Kiwisearch has become one of the more popular apps used to track numbers. Kiwisearch has amazing features such as a wide database of phone numbers, caller id tracking, and much more.

In summary, your privacy and peace are important. You do not want to keep getting phone calls and messages from telemarketers so, one of these ten apps will help you identify unknown numbers, block unscrupulous ones, and report them to the system so that others will not get spammed.  


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