10 Best Free Wi-Fi Signal Boosters Apps Android 2019 APK

In this day and age, having a weak Wi-Fi or network signal is really very annoying and irritating. In the end, you have nothing but a sluggish connection or having a problem in sending texts and making calls. No matter you are using a flagship smartphone, it is of no worth if you have no proper internet connection or strong signal. Luckily, there are several Android apps come to the rescue to build better Wi-Fi connectivity or to make network signals stronger. We have listed the top 10 best free Wi-Fi signal boosters apps Android 2019 that are available on Google Play store to help you boost Wi-Fi signals and mobile network.


Best Free Wi-Fi Signal Boosters Apps


Here Are 10 Best Free Wi-Fi Signal Boosters Apps Android 2019



Have you been looking for a better signal around your home on your device for ages? Of course, you have done it at least once. It is not easy to claim where the best signal is available. However, you no longer have to go to the roof just for catching signal if you have OpenSignalMaps. You can see where you will get the best signal for the device.


OpenSignalMaps Free WiFi Booster App for Android


There is an arrow indicating where you will get the signal. You can also see the radar and a map to locate the cellular tower. So, no guesswork will be required to find a signal. You can, instead, follow the location of towers to find a stronger signal. In addition, also track where you can get Wi-Fi connection and free Wi-Fi networks on your location.


WiFi Connect

WiFi Connect is another free app to find the best Wi-Fi signals. It shows the available hotspots and you can easily connect to them. This app has a very interacting interface. This app shows Wi-Fi connections by scanning them. There is a lot of options to sort out the connections, such as channel number, signal strength, link speed, security type, IP number and others.


WiFi Connect Wi-Fi Signal Boosters App


You will get notified whenever Wi-Fi the network is available. So, be sure to try this app for free and you would have nothing to lose.


WiFi Overview of 360

Searching the strongest and fastest Wi-Fi network has never been so easier with WiFi Overview of 360. This app can be used to optimize and manage Wi-Fi connections using its channel radar and channel checker. It has detailed descriptions of available Wi-Fi networks, such as signal strength, name, encryption, and channel number.


WiFi Overview of 360 Signal Boosters App


You can easily use this app to search for frequency range or channel to optimize the connection where there are no or few wireless networks. It also gives a graphical view of all the wireless networks in the given range. You can also choose the best channel.


WiFi Analyzer

Whether you are using public Wi-Fi or home Wi-Fi, download WiFi Analyzer to boost your signal strength. You can choose the best channel when establishing a Wi-Fi connection at home. This way, you won’t overlap with other connections and always get better signal strength.


WiFi Analyzer Free Wi-Fi Signal Boosters App


If you are in public place where you can find plenty of Wi-Fi networks, you can choose the best wireless networks to connect to. The app is very user-friendly. You just have to see the channel graph to choose the best channel with few or no users at all.


4G LTE Signal Booster Network

4G LTE Signal Booster Network is known to be the best app to boost the signal strength of the device. The app basically gives better data speed. It connects the data directly to cellphone towers as if it connects you to a new network.


4G LTE Signal Booster Network App For Android


With this app, you can rest assured to boost your signal strength. It is also very user-friendly and it works wonder when giving the best signal strength. You can easily try it for free on Google Play.


Network Signal Booster

Another great network signal booster app in this list is none other than Network Signal Booster. This app boosts the signal of your device by renewing the device connection to cellular sites or tower. Hence, you will have a better signal.


Network Signal Booster App


According to some users, this app gives signal even when you are going through dead zones (areas, which do not receive network signals). It is a free signal booster app so there is no need to spend a dime.


Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info is another great app, which can be helpful if you are worried about your network or Wi-Fi signal strength. Along with making the signal stronger, it also helps determine the real Wi-Fi connection or signal strength. Sometimes your device shows full network but your network still does not work properly.


Network Signal Info Wi-Fi Signal Boosters App


Instead of 5 network bars, it shows 14 bars to get a closer look to the signal strength. It has two widgets to use this app – one for the Wi-Fi connection and one for cellular network. This way, you can check real strength without using the app over and over again. By using Network Signal Info, you will never get confused by signal bars on your device.


WiFi Booster

By using WiFi Booster, you can easily figure out the best Wi-Fi connection and you can use the best connection. With WiFi Booster by your side, you no longer need to randomly pick just any connection available.


WiFi Booster Best Free App


This app will connect your device to the best network. After connecting to Wi-Fi network, it adds up the speed with its unique Wi-Fi network speed booster. You can find the best Wi-Fi network remembered with one tap and find the best open network with another.


WiFi Manager

With WiFi Manager, searching for the network and connecting to the one is an icing on a cake. If you have several networks, you can easily manage them up. There are two widgets to display the details about each connection. It also improves connection strength, speeds up your connection, and manages your networks.


WiFi Manager Signal Boosters App


Network Signal Speed Booster

Last but not the least; Network Signal Speed Booster gives your signal a boost and improves signal reception. Simply launch the app and see network bars rising to the top level. It connects to the best cellular tower available around you.


Network Signal Speed Booster


Bottom Line

We hope you like our guide of best Free Wi-Fi Signal Boosters Apps. Most of the above apps are both for boosting network signal and Wi-Fi connection of your device. They are very user-friendly and intuitive. So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try and choose the one which suits you the best.



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