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WhatsApp Lock Free

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The free lock app for Whatsapp. Keep your Whatsapp conversations safe with ‘Whatsapp Lock’.
1. Numeric Lock.
2. Pattern Lock.
3. Waiting time to relock.
4. Hide Pattern drawing.
How to use:
1. Open the ‘Whatsapp Lock’ and setup your password or pattern.
2. Set waiting time to re-lock Whatsapp after exiting, so that you need not enter the password every time you close and open within short time.
3. Toggle the Status to ‘ON’.
That’s it, done! If you like our app, please take a moment to rate us 🙂
Why to use our app?
1. We have designed an efficient algorithm that consumes 7 times the lesser battery than other apps (approx).
2. You can set the re-lock time. So that the application waits for that time to lock the application after one successful login.
3. Use Pattern Lock in stealth mode (pattern path is hidden).

Current Version : 2.4.1
Size : 472k




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