UC Browser Mini APK

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Download this free UC Browser Mini today to enjoy a faster browsing experience!
UC Browser Mini is based on our classic U2 kernel, with fast and smooth browsing on Android mobile devices. UC Browser’s Download Manager offers you a smart and fast way to download music and videos, and conveniently manage files in your phone. If you want a lightweight browser and fast browsing experience, UC Browser Mini is the best mobile browser for you.
• Speed Mode – Faster browsing with less data usage. Webpages load faster with up to 90% of compression.
• Download Manager – Fast and stable download speed, with convenient file management.
• Full Screen Video – Support full screen online video playing.
• Night Mode – Unique night browsing mode protects your eyes in the dark.
• Incognito Browsing – Browse in private without leaving any trace, just like what you have experienced on Chrome and Firefox.
• Optimized Layout – Webpages are specially optimized for mobile screens.
• Top/Bottom Buttons – Top/Bottom buttons help you reach the top or bottom of the page rapidly, when you scroll long page like WIKIPEDIA.
• QR Code Scanning – Enter URLs in a different way by scanning QR codes.