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TouchPal Keyboard APK

TouchPal, the future of input!
Annoyed by typing errors on touchscreen?
Want to try the new sliding instead of tapping?
Now you have a choice! TouchPal Keyboard, the most innovative and the best keyboard on Android. It’s the Global Champion of GSMA Mobile Innovation Award.
If you are using a Android Tablet, you may download the other app, TouchPal Keyboard Tablet. The public beta version is 100% free. It has cooler features including splitable keyboard and gesture controls.

Unique patented technologies:
1. TouchPal Curve – the first predictive sliding in the world. Pause in the middle of sliding to get long words predicted.
2. Intelligent next-word prediction. It may save up to 80% keystrokes.
3. Magic mistyping correction on Full QWERTY layout. Blind typing is no longer a dream!
4. Mixed language input allows auto language detection. No need to switch languages.
5. Innovation of T+ dual-letter layout. Bigger keys than QWERTY.

– Multi-lingual support (download language packs after installation)
– Voice input (Android 2.2+)
– Outstanding dictionary with online update
– Import contact list to your user dictionary
– Backup/restore user dictionary in SD card
– Slide down on keys to quickly input number and symbols
– Fantastic sliding experience



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