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Super Backup SMS & Contacts

The fastest data backup tool on android!
You can backup contacts & SMS & Call logs to the SD card.
-Backup contacts & SMS & Call logs to SD card
-Restore contacts & SMS & Call logs from SD card
-delete the backup data on SD card



  • Trying to backup everything on my Samsung. This “wonderful” app says it can’t save on my so – card, and I have to make it default app for messages. Which is impossible. CRAP! !!

  • Hi Guys,

    I found a fix. For example for SMS back up ur sms through the super backup up. Then connect your phone to laptop and copy the file from the super back up folder (it goes as SmsContactsBackup). Install super backup on your new device and connect it the laptop. Copy the SMS backup file to the new super backup folder. Open the superbackup app on your new device, select sms, select restore and the backup xml file shows there and voila!

  • I have downloaded the application and took the backup of all messages and other stuff. Once I completed reformat and tried to extract the data back to phone, only the contacts got copied back to phone but my messages are not extracting back to phone. It created a .xml file of message backup and when I click on it, it gives an error of ‘Not Supported type’.

    Please advise me to go ahead in this case.

  • I am trying to transfer my calendar events from galaxy Y to Moto G. i used this super back up app. when i restored it said restored calendar successfully but i am not able to see the updates in the calendar.
    please help me…..!

    • Same problem here. Phone rooted, Super backup installed, restored call log and contacts but no calendar events although it said it is done. Any workaround?

    • The XML file is too large to be imported. Use a text editor (DO NOT USE MS WORD) to break it into smaller files. Then import them one by one. Notice the header and footer lines at the top and bottom. They should be present in each file that you want to import. Good luck!

  • I have problem in restoring conracts into my new phone. The app says calendar restored but i am not able to see them in the calendar. I am trying to transfer my calendar events from galaxy Y to moto G

  • Hi Lars,

    Download the xml file you received on email. Open Super backup application & click on SMS Backup. Now click on Restore button – You’ll receive a pop-up displaying all the back up files present in your phone. Select the desired file & your sms will be restored

  • i have a samsung ace duos
    now after i restored my phone i reinstalled super app backup and i restored my contacts and calendars and everything but the moment i restored my messages……everything started hanging in my phone.. i message inbox wont open….nothing is working properly!
    can anybody help me please…i really require my messages and i restored my phone 3 times again but as soon as i restore my messages everything crashes!!! help please!

    • if u back up ur sms frm specified software, u have to put that software first., and open the software, click sms backup r restore., from that specify the path where the back up u dwnld… thats it…

  • Hi SuperBackup Team

    after installing super backup app from android market. i took backup and Email of all sms. An email i received carrying an sms backup xml file.please tell how can i see my sms clearly beacuse after opening that file i am seeing all sms written in haphazard manner.

    please advice

    • We are not from super backup app team but the xml file is only for the backup purpose, you can’t see the data properly, that file will be used when you will need to restore your data in your android device through the same application.

        • I have the same problem (and by chance the same name). I’ve send the backup file to my email. But how do I get the information back on my phone after reseting it?

          • hei lars! where are you from? i`m norwegian.
            did you ever get a answer or help ? i`m still having problem

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