Sound Meter APK

Professional sound level meter in your pocket!

¦ direct reading in dB
¦ 0 to 100dB range
¦ variable update speed
¦ 5% max error (device dependent)
¦ predefined and custom calibration
¦ vintage analog look
¦ meter rotation
¦ 6 skins

1. On some devices this app will NOT WORK because of the way required for Sound Meter app to sample sound from the microphone.

2. Due to microphone limitation in some devices the meter range is limited, the low end of the scale is limited by the microphone noise and the upper end of the scale by the microphone distortion on high levels.

3. Devices employing AGC (Automatic Gain Control) will have significant measurement errors and limited range. This is not app’s fault.

4. If you have measuring problems try to disable “Use high sampling rate” in settings.

V1.8 changes: Added support for even more devices. If this didn’t work for you previously try it now!



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