Prayer Now – Azan Prayer Times

Prayer Now - Azan Prayer Times-1 Prayer Now - Azan Prayer Times-2

Prayer Now comes to all Muslims with big new features that is needed all the day to all Muslims around the world like :
- Displaying Prayer times with a pretty good Islamic theme showing the next prayer .
- Quibla direction all over the world to mecca .
- Listen to Holly Quran for lots of famous readers.
- Azkar Muslims for praying integrating Zaker Pro into Prayer Now .
- Wodooa and cleaning before praying with detailed pictures .
- Muslim prayer how to’s with descriptive pictures.
- Daily Timer to repmeber toread Quraan.
- Higri Date .
- Flip to slince technology to fast turn azan sound into silent in meetings.
- Silent during prayer time for 30 minutes with a detailed call list alerting automatically with missed calls during 30 minutes .
- Ability to listen only 2 takbera or all the azan sound.
- azan sounds like mashary afasy , abd bassit, mecca azan , and more.
- Prayer Now is well designed with pretty good natural animated scenes with Islamic theme added.

Size : 7.0M
Current Version : 7.0
Requires Android : 2.2 and up