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* With OTO Global International Call, enjoy international calls freely, easily with no worries!
– 2 Million users are already enjoying OTO!
– No.1 in customer satisfaction with free international call application, OTO!
– Free calls to 82 countries from Korea and Japan with OTO!
– Enjoy the best but the cheapest international call at the lowest rate with OTO!
– If you are on Wi-Fi, enjoy OTO anywhere and everywhere in the world!
– Why OTO Global International Call?
1. Unlike other services limited to few countries, OTO Global International Call offers free calls to 82 countries.
2. You are simply charged local calling fee of your cell phone plan for international calls to 82 free call countries.
3. Anywhere and everywhere in the world, you can enjoy the best quality call at the lowest rate on Wi-Fi/LTE/3G through internet call service(mVoIP).
4. OTO Global International Call lets you experience the crystal clear quality international calls in 45 countries through telephone network.
– What Makes OTO Global International Call So Special
1. Crystal Clear Voice Quality
We are always doing our best to improve voice quality by cooperating with the best telecommunications company of each country such as Verizon in America, KDDI in Japan, SKBB in Korea, China Telecom in China, etc..
2. The Easiest Way to Call Abroad
. Select the country you wish to call.
. Enter the phone number except the country code.
. Tap ‘Call’ to call
3. More Convenient Functions
. OTO Contacts
. Speed Dial
. International SMS
– Call the countries not on the free call list at the lowest rate with OTO Global International Call
OTO Global International Call lets you make calls to about 250 countries all over the world at the lowest rate. With OTO Global International Call, you will experience the crystal clear quality call in 45 countries. If you are on Wi-Fi, you can make international calls anywhere and everywhere in the world.
– Coming soon!
1. Convenient Community Service Beyond Expectations
2. Absolutely Free Call With OTO Users
3. Expending The Best Quality Call Service to 120 Countries
4. Supporting 12 languages for global users.

– Dear OTO Users
We promise to do our best day by day to be the global representative brand.
We will never be too proud of ourselves and will certainly reward for your love for OTO with better service than yesterday.
Please give us your continuing interest in and support for OTO.
– Contact us
Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries, bugs or suggestions regarding OTO Global International Call. We are always willing to listen to your precious opinions.
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. Customer Service Center -> +82-2-1600-0546




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