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No Lock APK

Tired of the lock screen?
Use your phone as quickly as possible, with No Lock!
Tired of the lock screen?
If you want to use your phone as quickly as possible, this app is for you.
It simply disables the lock screen. Press the unlock/menu button just once and the screen turns on immediately.
Especially useful for the Nexus One if you don’t like to have to ‘slide’ to unlock.
On certain phones, this app doesn’t work – I am very sorry about that but there is nothing I can do!


  • I use befre on htc one& its work perfect. .now I use s5 and its not working anymore, ,do you hve any apps that can’t help?? thank you

  • Hi
    I have been using your App on a Galaxy S2 for some time, Brilliant!
    However I have just switched to an S3 and although it shows “Screen Locked”, it’s not.
    Is this an S3 (Jelly Bean 4.3) thing?
    Best regards

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