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Lock Screen App APK

‘Lock Screen App’ can lock your device easily.

##  * Scroll down * for Notes on Uninstall. ##

Do you feel inconvenient to lock your device using the power button?

Are your afraid of wearing out the power button? (My n1 was repaired coz of that :< )

‘Lock Screen App’ is a tiny app that can help you lock easily (without power button).

Features :
-Lock device with one touch
(Same effect as pressing the power button)
-Not a widget so it does not run as service in the background
-Auto-kill itself after locking to save your Battery & Memory
-Tiny in size (<50k)

Features (Donation Version Only):
-Lock by long-pressing search button **not work on xpad/apad and device without search key**
-Get updates earlier

Please buy the donation version to support the dev!
(You could find it using ‘View more applications’/ the link in the app’s settings page)

Thank you! 😀

* Compatibility Issues *
The developer has tried to test the app on Nexus One and Android Simulators (2.2 & 2.3)
However, the dev cannot guarantee that it could run / uninstall on all devices [coz I don’t have all the devices].




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