Learn Arabic Phrasebook APK

Learn Arabic Phrasebook-1

With 800 spoken and phonetically written words and expressions, this phrasebook is designed to do exactly what the name says – make speaking Arabic easy for you.
If you want to have a great time while traveling in Arab, you need to know these phrases or at least have them at hand.
Talking Arabic Phrasebook contains 800 phrases in the categories of General conversation, Greetings, Numbers, Time, Directions, Transportation, Accommodation, Eating, out,Shopping,Colours,Towns and provinces,Countries,Tourist attractions,Family,Dating,Emergency,Feeling sick.
Whether you choose to browse phrases by category, or use the search facility to instantly find what you’re looking for, Arabic Phrases For Dummies is an efficient lifeline when you know what to say but don’t know how
+ Clear audio recordings of native Arabic speakers
+ Organized in 13 categories,Greetings,General conversation,Directions,Transportation,Eating out,Shopping etc
+ Search facility to instantly find the phrase you’re looking for.
+ No internet connection required. Use the application wherever you are with no additional data charges.
+Speed dial.800 phrases accessible with just one button Tap
+ Designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
With this app in hand,you can:
– Understand the culture, customs, and Arabic people
– Order the food you want in restaurants
– Ask directions and travel by taxi, train, bus, and car with confidence
– Master manners, etiquette, and customs so you don’t embarrass yourself
– Visit or host Arabic guests with confidence
– Introduce yourself, friends and family
– Learn to ask for help and avoid danger and tourist traps
Talking Arabic Phrasebook has all the phrases recorded for you. Accessible with just one button tap. Anytime! Anywhere!



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  • Masha Allah bhai Allah aapko jazaye khair ata farmaye aap bahut achha kaam kar rahe ho ek maane me aap apni aakhirat ki tayyari kar rahe ho aur apne liye sadqaye jariya tayyar kar rahe ho hazaro log aapke in aaps se fayeda utha rahe hai

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