Knobs Toucher Theme GO APK

Knobs Toucher Theme GO-1 Knobs Toucher Theme GO-2

Hi, new theme for Toucher, full-screen one: ‘Knobs’
With a fancy looking and imaginary animation, ‘Knobs’ giving your Toucher a new full-screen look!
Inspired by the knob-control button and tiny points which comes from ‘Path’ app.
feature list:
1.Weather (City & Weather statue, local data)
2.Time & Date
3.Knobs area
-Switches (5 to show, 18 in total)
-Favor app
-Clean memory
-Recent app
4.Panel color switch
-click the ‘Light’ button to switch White&Black panel
With an extra Toucher Point skin — ‘Knobs’, find it in “Toucher theme – Point tab”
app drawer – Toucher – Installed – Knobs Theme, click the top bar, find the ‘Delete’ option.

Size : 1.7M
Current Version : 1.1
Requires Android : 2.1 and up