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Currency Converter

Currency converter for Android is simple currency converter (or exchange rates calculator). Main focus:
– ease of use
– offline usage
– save/load your favorites
– preferences
– online update: European central bank, additional sources, RSS feeds or you can manually add own currency
– update manager, last update date in title

FREE – AD version

There are basically 3 different screens (as depicted below). First is where all conversions take place. Second is list of all available currencies, and the third is edit/new currency screen. Among main functionality of this application belongs:

– 4 independent currencies selectors (you can use everyone of them as main)
– onscreen keyboard with big numbers, backspace and OK
– all rates of currencies selected flashes before your eyes
– favorite currencies (you can select 4 and quickly return to them by loading them)
– possibility to select base currency (all rates in list view are based on this currency)
– select which currencies are update-able (you can decide that you don’t want to update some of them)
– select which currencies are available in conversion (by setting ACTIVE status) without deleting them
– insert/update/delete of currencies.




  • i have in my phone 2 problems;
    1)doesn’t work the wireless connection with wireless-network
    2)the compass never doesn’t work
    please sent me the resolve the problem
    and thank u so much

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