Call Reminder APK

Key features:
– Follow up over Voice call,SMS,Email from the application
– Set flexible timeframe reminders – Later today,Tomorrow, This Week, Weekend,etc..
– Attach notes to each reminder & review the notes at anytime (e.g. just before making important call)
– Quick access after a call
– Quiet hours support – Reminders are not popped during these hours
– Integrates natively with Android notification system
– Pakoomba personal intuition engine – notify&remind you at best time for YOU. It learns and adjusts to YOU.
– Easy to use agenda view of upcoming and future reminders

* “Having a busy day, not being able to return calls.”

* “You’ve been meaning to touch base with your high school friend,but dont seem to find the right time…”

* “You set up an appointment in calendar to do that ultra-important-but-not-urgent call, only to realize that you’ve been pulled to a crisis meeting at work at last moment… you
Crisis meeting ends,you didnt get to do the ultra-important-but-not-urgent call … and you forget about it for a couple of days. The cycle of calendar appointment for the call starts again, hoping this time you wont have last minute surprises…”

No worries, Pakoomba got your back…

Minimum Android version:
Android 2.1
Minimum screen width:
320 dpx
Requires features:
Location gps
Location network
Screen portrait



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