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Call Control – Call Blocker

Full featured Call Blocker and Blacklist app. Easily block anyone from calling.
Block unwanted calls and text messages in a snap with Call Control. The #1 Call Blocker and Blacklist app for Android and the only app that blocks FCC Do Not Call offenders automatically!
Say Goodbye to Annoying and Unwanted Phone Calls and Texts! Call Control is the most effective call blocking app for Android, blocking unwanted calls and letting you control your privacy and security. Call Control is like anti-virus for phone calls, constantly working in the background to block unwanted calls and text messages.
*** Call Control Voted the Verizon Wireless SAVE TIME App Winner Two Years Running! ***
** Over 15,000 reviews with a 4.5 star average. **
* Call Control is 100% Ad Free *
Marquee Feature – Community Blacklist.
Call Control is the ONLY Call Blocker for Android with a Community Blacklist – unwanted callers that are flagged by our community of over 2.5M Call Control users and FCC Do Not Call reporters are blocked automatically. You’d have to enter 1,000’s of numbers into other call blocking applications to match the power of Call Control!
Call Control comes pre-loaded with a Community Blacklist that’s generated from Community reports and FCC complaints, blocking thousands of spam and unwanted calls / text messages right out of the box.

=== Features ===
– Block Unwanted + Spam Calls and SMS/Text Messages… All in ONE App!
– Community Blacklist – Thousands of spammers blocked right out of the box!
– Blocked Calls Don’t Ring! Send calls to Voicemail or Hang Up on the caller.
– Personal Blacklist and Whitelist – Add any phone number or area code (3 number limit in free version).
– FCC Do Not Call integration, reported offenders are blocked automatically.
– Pickup and Hang up mode, blocked calls don’t go to Voicemail. (Works on Gingerbread!)
– Online and Local Backup – Save all of your lists both online and to your SD card for easy restoration or transfer to another device.
– Free Reverse Lookup – Search any unknown telephone number and find out who’s calling you.
– Community Blacklist Sample One Time Update – Go Pro for Full Blacklist and Daily Updates!
– Free Automatic Community Blacklist Updates (Pro version).
– Block by Area code (i.e. 206, 888, 800)
– Block Private & Unknown Callers
– Call Log Integration – Blacklist, Whitelist and Lookup right from your Android’s Call Log.
– Privacy modes – Contacts Only, Whitelist Only, Contacts and Whitelist and Block All Calls.
– Call waiting blocking supported.
– 100% Ad Free!
** Pro Trial Offer – After the 14 day trial expires, app reverts to FREE LITE version. You can also decline the trial offer and use the Lite version right away.
Block telemarketing and other spam calls automatically with Call Control thanks to our Community of over 1.5M users. Call Control is the first call blocker application that effortlessly blocks telemarketers without any involvement from the user!
Why is Call Control Different from other Call Blocker apps?
We have all of the features you’d expect out of a call blocking application, PLUS Call Control is loaded with a Community Blacklist, generated from user complaints and feedback, making Call Control the most powerful blacklist app for Android. Visit EveryCall.us on your phone and checkout all of the spam callers that we’re tracking, currently over 4M! We have quickly growing community, more than 2.5M users to date!
* LITE version is LIMITED. Please consider purchasing Pro to unlock full features. Email support limited to Pro version only.



  • I purchased the pro version over a year ago. Worked great until recently. I have approximately 400 numbers on my block list, and now it will not allow me to add more. I have plenty of memory on my phone, the old numbers are still blocked, but when I try to add a new number, it does not appear in my block list. I did not see any designation of a maximum number of blocked numbers, does anyone have any idea if this is a bug or a built-in limitation?

  • I purchased this app some time ago. I recently had to purchase another phone and transferred all apps and data from my old phone. Call blocker transferred but it didn’t give me credit for the already purchased app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but still cannot get the app to run without it requesting a new purchase. Can you validate the previous purchase so I can start using it without having to buy it again? This happened to me once before with this app and you were able to fix the issue. I’ve used this app effectively for quite a while and would like to continue to keep it on my phone.

  • I stay in south Africa and had the trail on my phone gr8 stuff but now I need to get it on but cant find out where to pay for this program please assist me

  • How do blocked messages appear from the number being blocked? Do they know the number they are texting from has been blocked?

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