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BMI Calculator – Ideal Weight APK

BMI Calculator – Calculate your ideal weight!
Calculate your BMI or Waist-to-height ratio and find your ideal weight based on age and gender!
– Top 10 Best Weight Loss iPhone & Android Apps 2012 @ Healthline.com
– One of the top 10 hottest apps @ AppBrain.com
– Featured app on The Fresh Living Project @ FreshLivingProject.com
– For everyone 7 years and older. Metric and Imperial Units are supported.
– Body mass index (BMI):
is an index for human body fat on the basis of an individual’s weight and height. The BMI does not actually measure the percentage of body fat.
(To distinguish between age and gender the BMI Classification is based on the German Nutrition Society (DGE))
– Waist-to-height ratio (WhtR):
is defined as the person’s waist circumference, divided by the person’s height. The WHtR is a measure of the distribution of body fat which is better for muscular persons.


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