Battery Life Saver APK

Battery Life Saver helps you easily save precious battery life with just one click (enable battery saving mode) by disabling some of the most consuming modules in Android Operating System such as sounds, vibrations, wireless, Bluetooth, auto-sync/background data, and much more. Also, it displays quick battery information in a nice user interface.
Battery Life Saver displays CPU/Processor usage statistics and also gives the possibility to monitor running background tasks (with CPU/RAM usage), users being able to kill unwanted or useless applications.

You can configure your own battery saving plan by clicking “Configure saver”. Also, you can choose to ignore some of the settings by long-clicking that line.

Minimum requirements
Android API Level 8 (Android 2.2 and above).
It works fine on Android phones and tablets as well.

1. Battery information at glance
2. CPU/Processor usage chart
3. Manage running tasks
4. Kill running tasks
5. Configure your own battery saving profile
6. Ability to ignore some of the settings (long click in battery profile)
7. Automatically enter power saving mode when battery is low (<30%)
8. Automatically enter air-plane mode between sleeping hours (0 – 6 AM)
9. Restore old settings when leaving battery mode.
10. Possibility to move application to SD card.
11.Semi-transparent widget with battery status.

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