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Why lock your entire phone when you could simply lock individual apps? Applock Master is the easiest way to secure your smartphone and protect your privacy!
Applock Master allows you to set a digital or pattern-style passcode on individual apps on your Android device. For example, you might use it to secure the Messages and Phone apps to prevent snoopers from seeing your conversations and call logs! Maybe you want to protect photos or videos, or even stop your kids from changing phone settings. The uses are endless, and by locking individual apps instead of the entire phone you save yourself a lot of time!

Here are the features:
. Lock any of the apps on your phone with just one tap!
. Use digital or pattern-style passcodes, just like the system lock.
. You can exit apps briefly without needing to re-enter the passcode when returning.
. Retrieve lost or forgotten credentials by answering a security question.
Install Applock Master today, and forget your privacy worries!

Reminder :
This app does not prevent you from stopping or uninstalling apps in the normal way (from the system Settings app). It’s also possible to circumvent locked apps this way. You may ask – why don’t we monitor apps so that if a user terminates one from Settings we can restart it with the lock? The simple reason is: that kind of constant monitoring is not only intrusive but is also tough on your phone’s battery. Luckily there’s an easy solution: simply lock the Settings app itself from Applock Master. Make sure you remember your passcode!

Size : 3.4M
Current Version : 1.6
Requires Android : 1.6 and up



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