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Antivirus Free APK

Fast and lightweight malicious app protection for your phone

Antivirus Free will detect new applications that are installed on your system, and cross-reference them with our database of known malicious apps.
It uses less than 0.1% of your battery, and will let you know when such an app is detected, keeping your phone secure.

With the hundreds of malware apps out in the wild, Antivirus Free is a must have for every Android user. It offers you malware protection, spyware protection and trojan protection 24 hours a day.

It’s easier to use than the avg antivirus, faster than lookout and lighter on your battery than anything else!

* DroidDream, Geinimi and all of the latest viruses are detected by Antivirus Free!

* download the Test Virus application if you want to see how the application works when it detects a virus

* the location permission is used only for serving ads that are relevant to you



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