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AndChat (Free) APK

AndChat (Free)

** Contact me for any problems **
AndChat is a multi-server internet relay chat (irc) app for Android, designed to work on both phones and tablets, and includes a tablet optimized layout.
If you like this, why not buy the donate version from play store.
A donate version available in the play store or you can donate via andchat.net/donate.
Feel free to contact me with any issues/bugs/feedback:
Web: groups.google.com/group/andchat
Twitter: twitter.com/andchat
Email: contact@andchat.net
Nick completion is done via search button or by pressing the search icon next the input box.
Ignore list
Multi-Server support
Multi-Charset support
SASL Support
UTF-8 Detection
Chat Logs
Typing history (DPAD up/down)
Nick highlight support for multiple nicknames
SSL Support
User list
Encryption to protect access to password protected servers.


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