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Smart and free alarm clock plus reminder with great user interface from developers of daily ab workout app – Caynax A6W.
Caynax Alarm Clock – more than just alarm clock
If You have extreme problems with waking up or time management here’s perfect solution – alarm clock plus todo list (tasks list) and tasks reminder. Application contains calendar for days selection so it can also be used as mini business calendar.
Alarms were grouped into categories:
– quick – make a note/alarm with two simple clicks
– everyday – runs everyday
– work days – runs on selected work days
– cyclic – runs every x-th day
– timer – simple timer (countdown) alarm – (ie. for pomodoro technique)
– any – alarm that let you select days on calendar
– annual – remember about birthday and anniversary (PRO version only)
Alarm clock main features:
– You can easily change alarm settings assigning them created profiles.
– Alarm can be dismissed by simply clicking “Dismiss button”, solving math problem or arranging/completing quotation.
– Digital clock widget, analog clock widget
– Features like: alarm message, days selection (calendar or days of week), any ringtone file, gentle alarm – increasing ringtone mode, custom snooze length or count and more…
Free alarm clock version contains in-app ads.



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