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This application attempts to bring you the entire Holy Quran in the palm of your hands, while still being practical for use on a phone. Includes: unlimited bookmarks, easy page flipping and the ability to jump to any chapter or page that you are looking for.

Easy to use Instructions:

Page Flipping: Lightly drag your finger from the left side of the screen to the right to go to the next page.

Add a Bookmark: touch and hold any page to add it to your collection of bookmarks.

Jump to any Chapter, Page, or Bookmark: press the menu button to see the options available for quickly navigating throughout the Quran.

About me:
I converted to Islam less than one year ago, and ever since my goal has been to do what I can spread the beautiful religion of Islam to anyone who desires to know the truth.

This program is and will always remain 100% free of charge and without ads. I did not write this to gain any money, but if you would like to make an optional donation, there is a button in the options menu.

I hope that you enjoy this application and that you read the Holy Quran every day and always keep its message in your heart.

If you have any comments, suggestions or errors please do not hesitate to contact me at npc0mpl3te@gmail.com and I will make the changes as soon as possible.




  • Few days back we purchased iQuran android app. In the app tried to download the audio apps (tried with different reciters). I have sufficient place on Samsung Grand phone, Samsung Tab 3 too. But the audio files more than 10000 KB were not downloading (error while downloading). These all started, but than after 10000 KB error sign came. Today the same happening at 3000-4000 KB. Moreover on the Tab I had all Sehykh Abdul Basit recitation on iQuran Pro, but while tranferring in mangaing data my Tab shoot down, and at restart all audio file was lost – and now iQuran Pro not downloading any audio file. It seems, that the newer version, payed iQuran App destroyed it. I am very disappointed. I was so happy getting this payed app for Quran memorization, but now destroyed all what I previously had. Please help what to do.

  • good work bro….. I am looking for a completely offline version of a Quran app that I can download and install on Kids tablet – so they dont need active internet connection to use it….I need Script Audio recitation and Urdu Translation. any advice ? …..thanks jazak Allah Khair

    • Brother there are several Holy Quran applications that you can install in kids tablet such as : http://www.appsapk.com/quran-android/

      I’ll suggest you to install any Holy Quran application and download audio recitation that most of the Holy Quran apps offer to download. (we call it in-app download).

      Complete Holy Quran application with recitation + text will be difficult to find, because by this way app size will be 100s of MB that most of the users will not be able to download and install. Maybe your tablet will stuck by install such kind of huge size app.

      So in-app download will be the best possible option that most of the Holy Quran applications are already offering.

      Hope it will help you.
      Please let us know if you have any other question.

  • Aoa… I hv listened frm many that android quran applications have many mistakes…can you explain that how u verified it.
    Allah hafiz

  • hey ,guys first go to tool tab-folder option-select view tab-untick the hide extention for known file types.then ok

    then rename the alquran.zip into alquran.apk.

    that’s all it work.

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