Salaah – Muslim Prayer APK

Salaah: Muslim Prayer – This is an eye catching educational application suitable for all walks of life.
It is an easy step by step guide according to the Quraan (Koran) and Sunnah (Teachings of Prophet
Muhammad, Peace Be upon Him) which has been verified by prominent Ulema (Scholars) from
around the world. The App uses simple to read and easy to understand instructions, along with
colourful illustrations of the actions of Salaah (Prayer).
The application is aimed at Muslims, Reverts and Non-Muslims alike to LEARN and CORRECT their
Salaah (Muslim Prayer), which is one of the Pillars of Islam. For those that are Not Muslim, this app
will give you a better understanding about what is prayed when Muslims pray five times daily.
You may be one of those people that may have forgotten how to pray Salaah and you may feel
ashamed of asking someone – Well this app is for you!!!
This application includes the essential acts of:
Adhaan (Azan) – The Muslim Call to Prayer
Salaah (Namaz – Prayer)
Ghusl (Bath)
Wudhu (Wuzu – Ablution)
Janazah (Funeral) prayer
Salaatul Tasbeeh
P.S. This App is according to the Hanafi School of thought – If you have any queries, then please
contact your local Ulema (Scholars).

Size : 29MB



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